ICONfrontメンバー紹介第11弾 :川田妃奈乃 ICONfront Member Introduction Vol.11:Hinano Kawada


(Name) Hinano Kawada


メジャー:未定 (社会学、経済学、教育学)

(Major) undecided (sociology, business, education)





Describe yourself freely. 

Hi! I’m Hinano Kawada(ID26). 

Through the activities in ICONfront, I would like to make a good influence on both those who are interviewed and who see my articles by sending out the activities of ICU students.

Q.2 ICONfrontに興味を持ったきっかけは何ですか?


What interested in being a part of ICONfront? 

I knew about the presence of ICONfront on Instagram when I was looking for recruiting club activities. I became interested in I will be able to interview diverse fellows in ICU and communicate attractions to many people. 

Q.3 学業以外ではどんな学校生活にしたいですか?


What do you want in your school life except for studies?

I have a goal that I want to be good at talking and listening, so I will improve these skills by writing a diary and interviewing or delivering podcasts at ICONfront. Also, I like physical exercise, so I would like to do activities at an athletic circle. I want to spend my time not only studying but also acting on my interests and having no regrets.

Q.4 ICUではどんな勉強をしたいですか?


What do you want to study in ICU?

I have not decided on my major yet, but I am interested in sociology, business, and education. If I could learn why the stores and services I use every day are provided to me in the way, such as the background behind their creation, I feel that the world would look differently. I would like to know how to investigate the world and the world’s phenomena through these studies. I believe that this is true not only for the world but also for people. I think there are personalities that can only be revealed through depth conversations with them. By interviewing in ICONfront, I would like to not only focus on what the person is doing, but also on the passion and feelings of the people who are involved in these activities.

Q.5 あなたの”icon”は?


What/who is your “icon”? 

I don’t have anyone as a role model or target yet, but I admire people who can respect other people’s opinions while having their own and have broad perspectives, so I would like to be like that.

次はみれいです! 来週の投稿もお楽しみに!!

The next member is Mirei. Please look forward to her introduction that will be posted next week!

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