ICONfrontメンバー紹介第3弾: 児玉 実央 ICONfront Member Introduction Vol.3: Mio Kodama

ICONfront ID22メンバー特集第3弾:先週の記事では、創設メンバーの一人であるID22の遠藤理愛を紹介しました。第3弾では、ICONfrontなど課外活動に活動的な国際基督教大学3年生の児玉 実央をご紹介します!


ICONfront ID22 member introduction Vol. 3: In last week’s article, we introduced Rhea Endo, one of ICONfront’s founding members. This week, we interviewed Mio Kodama, a junior in International Christian University and is very active in other extracurricular activities including ICONfront.

She talks about other extracurricular activities that she’s involved in, her own work-life balance and who she considers her “icon.” Check out the full article to find out!

Q1. 自由に自己紹介してください!

こんにちは!ICU22 (3年生) の児玉 実央です!



ICUに来る前、幼稚園と小学校は日本にあるインターナショナルスクールへ通い、中高は私立の一貫校で日本語と英語の両立ができる学校へ通いました。なので、よく帰国子女と間違えられるのですが、一応海外に住んだことはないので、帰国子女ではありません (笑)



Q1. Describe yourself freely. 

Hello! I’m Mio Kodama, currently an ICU22 (third year student)!

I was born in Kobe and came to Tokyo, upon my matriculation to university.

Currently I’m living in the ICU dorms and am the floor leader.

Before coming to ICU, I studied in an international preschool and elementary school in Japan. Then, I was admitted into a private junior and high school where I could equally study both Japanese and English. Therefore, although I am often mistaken as a returnee, I have never lived overseas, so technically I am not a returnee.

My major is Peace Studies and my minor is Gender and Sexuality Studies. They are both interdisciplinary fields of research, but I hope to connect these two fields to discover a new set of perspectives and ideas that have not been engaged in before.

Other than my studies, I love to eat delicious food, watch movies and TV dramas, and try out new experiences. I love to eat pretty much anything, but I especially love Indian food and cheese♡

Q2. ICONfrontに興味を持ったきっかけは何ですか?




Q2. What interested you in being a part of ICONfront?

I joined ICONfront this March. A former member of ICONfront and a friend of mine asked me if I was willing to be interviewed. I started taking interest in ICONfront’s activities, and I was invited to a meeting with the founding members of ICONfront. Thankfully, they all welcomed me with open arms, which is when I decided to join.

When I saw the website, I immediately felt a connection to ICONfront’s vision. In times especially like this when we cannot freely meet with people, I felt a strong necessity for ICONfront’s activities that features activists in ICU through articles.

I’ve so far enjoyed creating the foundation from scratch and have actively participated in event planning. Although I don’t have much experience in writing articles, I am starting to get the hang of it and everyone on the team helps me by revising/editing.

Q3. ICONfront以外にどのようなサークルや活動に取り組んできましたか?

私はICONfront以外に2つのサークルに入っています。1つ目はTable for Two (TFT)で、ヘルシーな学食のメニューの考案とフェアトレードやフードロスについて関心を高めるイベントの主催を中心に行っています。TFTの詳しいシステムについてや入部した理由についてはVol.2の記事をご覧ください。2つ目はVoice Up Japan ICU支部 (VUJ ICU)でジェンダー問題を含めた様々な社会問題に対して声を上げやすい社会づくりを目指しています。今年の9月からVUJ ICUの代表も務めています。

他にも、今年の秋休み期間はコミュニティサービスラーニング を通して長崎へ行き、原爆や核兵器、長崎で行われている平和教育などについて学ぶ予定です。1年の時はICUの平和研究所 (PRI)が主催しているスタディツアーを通して、韓国の博物館を訪れたり、韓国の大学生と交流したりして、「平和」について考えさせられました。


もし何か興味のある活動があれば、いつでも声掛けてください 🙂

Q3. What other activities or clubs are you involved in other than ICONfront?

Apart from ICONfront, I’m currently a part of two other clubs. One is Table for Two (TFT), where we propose healthy meal ideas to the cafeteria and host events to promote awareness on food loss and fair trade. The other is Voice Up Japan ICU branch (VUJ ICU), where we aim to tackle various social issues including gender, while promoting a society where our voices are heard. I am also the president of VUJ ICU since this September.

For extracurricular activities, this autumn break I am going to Nagasaki through the community service learning program, where I am planning to learn about the atomic bomb, nuclear weapons and peace education in Nagasaki. Also, in my first year at ICU, I participated in the Korea Trip hosted by the PRI institute, where I had the opportunity to visit museums in Korea, and have a dialogue with Korean students to rethink “peace.”

As you can see, my interests vary greatly which is why I have difficulty choosing my academic expertise… If you have interest in any of the activities, please feel free to DM me 🙂

Q4. どのように学業、課外活動、休養をバランスよくこなしていますか?


Q4. How do you balance your academic work and your social activities while taking time for yourself?

Honestly, I still have trouble balancing it out, but I try to prioritize what needs to be done and start with the most urgent task. Whenever I have trouble concentrating, I like to start with small tasks such as writing a sentence or finding one resource, and then move on. If I feel stressed or overwhelmed by the number of tasks, I make it a top priority for me to de-stress for a few minutes, then either delegate some tasks to somebody, talk to somebody or have a moment for myself. Since I tend to be a perfectionist, I recognize that I can become too obsessed with a certain task, which is why I am grateful to have supportive friends I can rely on from time to time. 

Q5. 何がきっかけで平和研究とジェンダー・セクシュアリティ研究を専攻することにしましたか?

最初のきっかけは小学生の頃、授業を通して貧困問題について学び、平和な世界のためには何ができるかを考えるようになったことです。先送りして高校生の頃「平和学」という授業を履修し、平和の構築のためにどういった取り組みが必要なのか、事例を用いながら考えました。ICUに入学後も、自分が興味を持つ様々な分野 (ex. 環境問題、ジェンダー問題、人権問題)が平和研究に繋がっていることに気づき、自分の中で新たに視野が広がった気がしました。

一方、ジェンダー・セクシュアリティ研究はICUに入学する時から興味はありましたが、本格的に興味を持ち始めたのは一般社団法人Voice Up Japan ICU支部で活動を始めてからでした。アクティビズムを通して、活動以外にも日常的なジェンダー問題に以前より少しは敏感になったように感じ、社会を少し違った視点で見られるようになったことに嬉しく感じ、専攻にしようと決めました。

Q5. What interested you in majoring in Peace Studies and minoring in Gender/Sexuality Studies?

In elementary school, I learned about poverty issues around the world, which was the first time I started to think about my role in the creation of a peaceful society. Fast forward to high school, I took a peace studies class and studied peace-building strategies using historical examples. After entering ICU, I realized that my areas of interest (ex. environment issues, gender issues and human rights) were all interconnected with peace studies, which is when I felt a connection to the study itself.

As for gender and sexuality studies, I was interested since I entered ICU, but I became increasingly invested in the field after joining Voice Up Japan ICU branch. Through activism, I believe I became more sensitive towards gender issues in daily life, which helped me gain a different perspective on society.

Q6. あなたの”icon”は?

私の “icon” は1人や1つの物だけに限らず、私がなりたい、なろうとしている像を表していると自分の中では考えています。最近、私の中で “icon”と思う人はアメリカの政治家、AOC (アレクサンドリア・オカシオ=コルテス)です。Voice Up Japan ICU支部のムービーイベントで Netflixドキュメンタリーの Knock Down the House を見て以来、気になる存在でした。地域が抱えている問題に真摯に耳を傾け、全力で問題解決に取り組む姿はとても力強く、自分がなりたい姿の1つだと思いました。


Q6. What/who is your “icon”? 

My icon is not limited to one person or one thing, but rather a representation of who I want to be and who I’m striving to be. My recent “icon” is the American politician, AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). Ever since I watched the Netflix documentary Knock Down the House at a movie event hosted by Voice Up Japan ICU, I have been interested in her and her activities. I am inspired by her dedication, openness and sensibility to listen to the people, and actively commit to resolving their issues, which are characteristics that I would like to have.

My other icon is my mother. Whenever I discuss my activities to her, we often collide with our differing opinions on political and social issues in Japan. However, she has been supportive of my activities and my education, and I am truly grateful to my mother who has raised me as a single mother. I especially admire her qualities such as having a strong sense of self and how she lives freely and stress-free.

Q7. 次はまおです。このメンバーを一言で表すと?


Q7. The next member is Mao. How do you describe this person in one word? 

I would say “a tree.” Mao is a trustworthy and reliable member, as she hosts almost every ICONfront meeting. She also has a very warm, generous heart just like a tree emits warmth and she is very attentive to other ICONfront members.

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